Innovative Bed Tilt Sleep System- COMING IN 2022


RV Décor now has Custom Bed Tilt Sleep System designed for the RV life style, combining multiple slide-out and bed lift technologies. With the bed in the upright position, the Bed Tilt allows for 12-14″ of extra pass through space between the foot of the bed and the wall/dresser that the mattress rests against. This also allows access to storage space when the slides are in.

  • Press a button and the bed tilts up to access the storage section underneath. 
  • Unlimited Adjustable Positions.
  • Control via Remote Control

This product cannot be shipped due to the fact that every RV bed storage is different. Therefore, on-site installation is required.

If you need access to bedroom storage while traveling and pass through, this is the perfect solution. Stop by RV Décor or call us at 928-550-7010 for more information on this unique bed system.




Motorized Storage Access

Pass By

Control Via Phone App or Remote

Check out the video below…

Mujeeb, We are extremely satisfied with our recently installed RV Bed- Tilt Sleep System. This product exceeded our expectations and more than met our desires for better storage access and ability to provide a hospital type bed for Jane’s next knee surgery recovery. As full time RVers without a second home these were our top priorities for this purchase. We were pleasantly surprised to find great usage for these and other options as well, as follows:

1. Daily bed make up in the “PASS BY” mode creates extra aisle width into the rear bathroom. This made the entire motorhome appear larger and added to a perception of a long hallway front to rear.

2. The “FLAT” mode is of course the primary sleep position, but the ” ANTI-SNORE” mode works and can easily be changed without disturbing your sleep partner.

3. The “STORAGE ACCESS” mode far exceeded our expectations . Not only ease of access but increases useful storage capacity because the back one third was so difficult to use that it became storage for items awaiting donation to Goodwill accessed maybe once per year.

4. The “LOUNGE” mode (or large range of positions) obviously allows a more comfortable bedroom TV viewing. But for anyone needing to rehab from surgery ( in particular knee replacement surgery ) this the very necessary support for legs and knee in the position that results in a less painful recovery.

Exceeding expectations is very tough for any product but the Bed- Tilt Sleep System definitely exceeded ours.

– Mike and Jane Griffin