Wheelchair Accessible Motorhome & RV Modifications

At RV Decor we understand the requirements of those in wheelchairs and have made it our mission to give all the freedom and mobility possible in your home to disabled RV owners.

RV living can be very rewarding and some would even say therapeutic.  Many households have at least one person who, as they age or due to disability, require a wheelchair and can no longer enjoy the benefits of their RV.  There are others whom have never considered purchasing an RV because of their disability.  We can help!

RV Decor is now retrofitting motorhomes with the accessibility features that will allow you to enjoy a travel rich lifestyle.  From lifts to furniture and everything in between, we can turn your RV into a wheelchair friendly environment. Accessibility within your RV can change your life!

Recent Accessibility Projects

Wheelchair Lifts Custom Flooring Roll-in Showers

Roll-Under Sinks Tables & Furniture Handholds